Professor Teaches HTML Fundamentals

Professor Teaches HTML Fundamentals 5.0

First of a series of two HTML trainings from Individual Software

Its good to know that there still are people that want to learn html code in a world saturated of wysiwyg (what you see is what you get ) products such as dreamweaver and sharepoint designer.
Professor Teaches HTML Fundamentals provides Basic HTML training for only one andrew jackson bill (20 bucks), the content is delivered using voice and on screen samples and interactive menus. Since the whole HTML training is divided on two products you can skip this product and purchase theirs Advance HTML course for the same price, if you are not sure what its included on each training, dont hesitate to check professor teaches website, which contains a index of all topics included on each of their products.

The product can be delivered on a CD or via download and you can even get crazy discounts on some retailers like wallmart or best buy. Remember this product is just for HTML coding, advanced web content creation may require other knowledge on java, graphic design (which is also covered on other professor teaches training) and others.

If you don´t know how to code in HTML and you are really interested on it, Individual Software Professor Teaches is the best way to start your webmaster career!

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